Once again Christmas is coming up quicker than ever with gingerbread men, snow-capped window displays and twinkling lights making a comeback. To many Christmas is about spending time with family and loved ones, having delicious dinners and sharing joy with those around us.



But not everyone is fortunate enough to have family and friends to celebrate and enjoy the full spirit of Christmas with. Yes, we are talking about the orphaned children with disabilities.  The good news is, it’s never too late to share with them the Christmas festivity.


Shanghai Fresh Start Rotaract in association with a social enterprise YBC Health Care, which specializes in children rehabilitation, brings you  Christmas visiting activity that is the ultimate way of giving back and marking the true spirit of the holiday. This saturday, we will visit the Huixin orphanage and bring these kids some Christmas spirits.


Shanghai Fresh Start Rotaract  联合专注于儿童康复的社会企业医佰康 一起,发起这次圣诞节活动,将回馈社会和传递圣诞精神结合, 这周六,我们将给慧心康健院的孩子们一同度过。


About the Kids


They are a group of special children due to congenital or postnatal causes, most of which are Down syndrome (21 chromosome syndrome). For them, walking, speaking, school, self-care and even survival is a kind of extravagant hope, serious obstacles affect the child’s life, and also bring a lingering shadow of the family. The long-term rehabilitation treatment process, the economic pressure and the psychological burden are the main factors that affect children and families.


Kids with Down Syndrome


In fact, as long as early detection, early intervention, the majority of children can still complete the basic life learning ability. Usually, most special children, who can get continuous treatment of 3-6 months, at the expense of around 20k-30k RMB, could achieve very obvious effects. 0-6 years old is their rehabilitation gold treatment period.



Specialist from YBC Health Care and a kid in a therapy


Why Join this Activity?

为什么参与 ?


It is a very specialized field, and as a social enterprise, YBC Health Care has done an amazing job. We believe, learning from a successful example will inspire more to devote into social innovation and social entrepreneurship. 




Our devotion and love, will help the children walk again, learn to  say thank you, and even can take care of themselves and study. Children that have gone through the treatment can also have much better chance of being adopted and have much better and happier life.




How can I help?


1. Join us in the Visit参加这次探访

During the visit活动中

  1. you will dress with Christmats spirits and spread love to the kids with no family. 需要穿着带着圣诞主题的服装,给这群没有家人的孩子们带来快乐

  2. you can watch the therapists helping the kid, and talk with them, to watch how they changed the life of these children.你可以观察治疗师帮助孩子,和治疗师交谈,看看他们是如何改变孩子们的生活的。

  3. you will hear from the manager of YBC Health Care about how they achieved social impact yet making the business sustainble. 你将听到医佰康的经理介绍他们 如何将社会的影响和商业可持续相结合。

  4. you will have intimate interaction with the children.你将有机会和唐宝宝们亲密接触

Saturday, December 16, 2017

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Shanghai Huixin children’s health care center, Guangzhong Rd, Shuidian Rd, Hongkou District. Line 3 or Line 8 (Hongkou Footbal Stadium Station)

上海慧鑫儿童康健院, 虹口区广中路水电路交叉口,3号线或8号线虹口主球场站

How To RSVP for the visit?


The Ticket for the visit is a “Gift Card” that values 50 RMB or 100RMB , and you can purchase with the QRcode below (Click “Public Service Entrance“). Charity Gift Card is designed to help the orphaned kids with Down Syndrome,  every 4 50-Yuan cards, or 2 100-Yuan cards,  equal to one hour professional therapy for one kid which could change his future. This will be the best Christmas gift for them.


Please note that due to the capacity of the orphanage, we can only accept 15 people for this visit. Priority to Rotaract Club members. 由于福利院接待能力有限,为了不给他们带来不便,此次线下活动仅接受15名参与者。(扶青团成员优先)

Please join the follwing group chat after RSVP.  we will select the first 15 visitors in the group, the rest will be arranged in the next visit. 


2. Remotely Help by joining the online “Christmats Gift Card” Compaign


If you are busy, or the visiting group is full so that you cannot join us on 16th, don’t worry, you can still contribute to changing the life of the kids by donating for their therapy cost. It is as simple as just by buying a “Christmas Gift Card” from YBC Health Care (Same QR code as the RSVP), and spread the words amongst your friends. Every gift card you donate, will allow a child to have a better life. And the 15 visitors will help you deliver your love to the kids.



And we are planning to have more visits later, more information will be released later.


Contact Persons


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.



Wechat Accout — shobs55


微信号- SapphireTang

You can also ask any of our members from Fresh Start Rotaract Club of Shanghai for more infomation.

你也可以通过任何FreshStart Rotaract 的成员了解更多信息



YBC Health Care is the first comprehensive service platform  for child rehabilitation in China, which brings together nearly 20 child rehabilitation specialists and is composed of hundreds of senior rehabilitation teams. Using the “intelligent platform  as the carrier of institutions + community + Family” Trinity operation mode, provide children with sports training(PT), homework training(OT), speech training(ST), cognitive, massage, sensory integration, autism  individualized training and emotional behavior intervention and home care guidance to  create a comprehensive range of remote consulting, evaluation, training, recording and other integrated qualitys.


Special thanks to sponsor Teddy Beloved(泰迪之家)who sponsors the Christmats postcards and will give each participant a coupon that can be used in their restuarants.


About us


Fresh Start Rotaract Shanghai aims to promote social innovation leadership within the Shanghai community and among its members. We want to build a community of like-minded and committed students, young professionals, and social entrepreneurs in Shanghai, who are  incentivised by the common goals of self-development and fostering society. Each member just spare part of their time besides work, and together we can creat a collective impact.

Fresh Start Rotaract Shanghai 致力于在上海年轻社群宣传推行社会创新思维方式和社会企业家精神。我们寻找志同道合,勇于创新同时有社会责任感的创变者,大学生,在职年轻人,亦或者是新一代创业者,在提高自我的同时,培养以创新方式回馈社会的思维。我们每个成员在各自工作之余通过志愿参与做一点小事,在这个平台上共同创造一些力所能及的社会影响。


Come and join us if you want to spare sometime doing something small but meaningful. (Click the here to know more)